Parent Corner: Is My Teen Depressed?

There is a quiet crisis happening in developed, affluent countries around the world.  Young people are dealing with mental-health issues more than ever before.  In fact, according to Jean Twenge a high school student today is five times more likely to have depression than a high school student living during the Great Depression (the previous high point in our country).

This week we will be discussing depression in the high school and middle school classes at church.  We will be talking about spiritual tools that can help fight against the darkness that threatens our students.  We also know that as parents, you care about your kids and their physical, mental, and spiritual health.   You want to be ready and able to help if your child is struggling with depression or anxiety.

So how can you tell?  Below I am listing regular signs of depression among teens, as well as a great article for what to do if you suspect your teen is dealing with depression.


Signs of depression:

  • Persistent sadness or “feeling blue”.
  • Talk about suicide or being “better off dead”.
  • Becoming suddenly much more irritable.
  • Marked deterioration in either school or home functioning.
  • Persistent physical complaints/regular trips to school nurse.
  • Failure to engage in previously enjoyed activities
  • Less desire for interaction with friends.
  • Substance Abuse.

Link:  Help!  My Teen is Depressed!

I hope this is a blessing to your family as we strive together to lead the next generation to love and serve Jesus more!