LCOC Student Summer Challenge

It is officially here!  Summer–and freedom!

Most of us have big plans for summer.  People we will be with, places we will visit, and adventures to be had.

But summer also boasts a great danger–boredom.  It is here that we spend a great deal of our summer, not sure what to do, feeling a bit lethargic, and (almost) wishing school would just start so that we have something to do!

But this summer will be different.  All you students that attend LCOC can have a summer that is exciting, different, and life-changing.  We have prepared a list of 20 activities or challenges to help get you through the long days of summer!

  1. Make a Meal:  Talk to your parents about taking over the kitchen once a week this summer.  You plan the meal, buy the groceries, and make the meal for your family to enjoy!  Think about all the new things you can try, and enjoy sitting around the table as a family eating the food you prepared!
  2. Jesus Time:  Find a special place outside–a beautiful place that you can sit and read your Bible and pray (I climbed a maple tree growing up).  Pick one book of the Bible (like a gospel) and read it slowly throughout the summer.
  3. The Generational Challenge:  Walk to one of the area nursing homes once a week and ask to “adopt” a senior citizen.  Spend an hour with them every week talking about their life, playing games, or reading together.  This one will be the favorite thing you do all summer!
  4. Cell Phone Off:  Pick a full week this summer and turn your phone OFF.  No texts, no calls, no social media.  Spend the day finding things to do with your new free time!  This one may be the hardest thing you do all summer, but the most rewarding too!
  5. Movie Marathon:  Pick a series of movies and stay up all night watching them.  My favorite choices are Lord of the Rings, Indiana Jones, or Rocky.  Invite a friend or two over to make this a lifetime memory.
  6. Pick up an instrument:  Ask your parents if there is an instrument in the house.  Start practicing.  Find Youtube videos to help you play some favorite songs!
  7. Books (For Real!):  Reading books assigned by someone else can be a drag, but reading is awesome!  Take some time to read a book or two this summer that sounds FUN to you.  If you want some suggestions just stop by and ask me, I would love to point you to some gems!
  8. Blizzard Challenge:  Make it a goal this summer to try every single blizzard that DQ sells.  You can also pick any favorite restaurant and try each sandwich they sell.  This one could be a lot of fun!
  9. Prayer Partner:  Ask another student to be prayer partners with you this summer.  If you can, get together and walk and pray together a couple days a week.  Call each other and pray together in the morning or evening!  This will do wonders for your relationship with Jesus!
  10. Game Night:  Organize a weekly game night for your family.  You choose a game to play each week.  Best way to spend a night with the family!
  11. Swing by the church:  Don’t hesitate to come by and hang out, volunteer to help out, or bring a few friends and watch a movie together up here!  I would love to hang out all summer with all of you!

So, which ones are you going to do?  What are you planning to do this summer?

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